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​I'm a mum and grandmother who loves essential oils and running a business from home, or from wherever I am - more especially a business that makes a difference to others. I get really excited when I see how these oils can help people in their daily lives with their physical health and emotional well being. I feel essential oils are very underrated, because people are unsure how to use them. Education is key!

I'm passionate about informed self care which is why I hold classes and workshops, at home, or online (to reach out to you worldwide), or round at yours, because I feel deeply that people should be empowered to look after their own and their family's health and well being.

I am also certified in the Aromatouch Massage Technique, which is a fabulous technique where people experience the benefits of these amazing oils. It helps them feel both relaxed and rejuvenated and I get the benefits of giving it!

I live in Kent, England with my partner of 15 years, Keith, working from home which I love. I share the oils with people but I also work closely with those that want to join me on this journey and build their own essential oil business.

You can join me from nearly every country in the world. If this inspires you too, let's get working together. You can get more info here.

Health is not just about what you eat - it's also about exercise and I attend two classes a week when I can: piloxing (a creative mix of pilates and boxing - good for cardio) and fitness pilates. Even when I can only attend one class it helps improve my sense of well being no end.

I relish getting busy in the kitchen, cooking from scratch. This probably stems from when I lived in France for almost 20 years, from the age of 21, where I was introduced to the French culinary culture and embraced it - and yes, I now use essential oils in my dishes! My children and granddaughter all live in France which gives Keith and I the best reason to travel  there as often as we can.

I'm a very service oriented person and before arriving at this point in my life I have held positions as European Customer Services Co-ordinator, Administration and Customer services Manager, Change Management Co-ordinator, and have also been an Independent Distributor for a retail company. It was in this last role that I discovered my love of working from home.

I'm so glad we've met, and I'm here to help you discover essential oils and learn how they can improve your physical and emotional well being. I'm also here to accompany you on a marvellous essential oil journey, should you decide to join me in the business.

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