Don’t we all need a bit of motivation sometimes?

We’ve all had moments of feeling confused overwhelmed, lacking in confidence, courage or motivation.

This little rollerball packs a punch of motivation to help you turn it around. I simply roll it across my forehead, the back of my neck, or inside the wrists to get an energising boost of motivation and belief.

It’s a great little number for digestive issues too. Roll over the lower abdomen, pulse points and soles of feet.

What’s it got in it to make it your ideal,  daily companion? A power-packed combination of Peppermint to energise and help focus; Clementine to soothe and help ease tension; Coriander to help relax or as a gentle stimulant if you’re low on physical energy; Basil to help you stay alert and reduce mental fatigue; Yuzu  to warm the body and improve circulation – it also helps to improve focus and concentration; Melissa which with its calming properties helps both balance and lift your emotions; Rosemary – great for if you’re feeling nervous, and also Vanilla which calms, and eases tension.

I wouldn’t be without it and it includes all of these blended with Fractionated Coconut Oil  – a motivational boost that I have on me all the time. 😊

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