Go wild for Wild Orange

What are your top favourite oils?

Wild Orange is right up there amongst mine as it has so much going for it - in particular it helps with stress and insomnia (diffuse or inhale from cupped hands). Definitely worth trying if Lavender, or the restful blend, Serenity, haven’t worked their magic for you.

Everbody’s body chemistry is different, so it is always worth trying out different oils until you find the ones which are best for you.

This little citrus burst in a bottle is also good to apply under your nose, across the forehead or to inhale to counteract depression, fear, anxiety and irritability.

I love, love, love the pick-me-up combination of Wild Orange and Peppermint. A drop of each in my palms, rubbed together, cupped around my nose and inhaled gives me that boost in the afternoon when I need it.

They’re a powerful combination that help improve concentration, and are perfect for getting us from ‘drained’ to ‘productive’.

Have you checked the ‘energy bites’ recipe? You can find it here. Wild Orange and chocolate - a perfect match.

Applying Wild Orange to the abdomen and pulse points, or diffusing it, help if you're suffering from effects of the menopause.

Fun Fact: the Chinese first recognised the value of the peel of an orange for treating coughs and colds. Diffuse or pop on the bottom of your feet to help with colds. Unsurprisingly the protective blend On Guard, which is the go to blend to combat coughs and colds, contains Wild Orange.

Whether you want to get started on your essential oil journey with one oil or more, check out the info on my site margaretholvec.com.

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